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List of Registered MPF Schemes – Details Page


Name of Scheme (English) BEA (MPF) Master Trust Scheme
Name of Scheme (Chinese) 東亞 (強積金) 集成信託計劃
Type Master Trust Scheme
Financial Year Date (DD-MM) 31-03

Trustees and their particulars

Name ( English ) Name ( Chinese )
Bank of East Asia (Trustees) Limited 東亞銀行 (信託) 有限公司

Investment Managers

Name ( English ) Name ( Chinese )
BEA Union Investment Management Limited 東亞聯豐投資管理有限公司

Note: For the name of investment manager for each of the constituent fund under the scheme, please refer to Information Centre > Useful Lists > Approved Constituent Funds.

Constituent Funds and their particulars

Name ( English ) Name ( Chinese ) Date of Approval
BEA (MPF) Age 65 Plus Fund 東亞(強積金)65歲後基金 25/11/2016
BEA (MPF) Asian Equity Fund 東亞(強積金)亞洲股票基金 21/05/2005
BEA (MPF) Balanced Fund 東亞 (強積金) 均衡基金 31/01/2000
BEA (MPF) Conservative Fund 東亞 (強積金) 保守基金 31/01/2000
BEA (MPF) Core Accumulation Fund 東亞(強積金)核心累積基金 25/11/2016
BEA (MPF) European Equity Fund 東亞(強積金)歐洲股票基金 18/06/2009
BEA (MPF) Global Bond Fund 東亞(強積金)環球債券基金 21/05/2005
BEA (MPF) Global Equity Fund 東亞(強積金)環球股票基金 18/06/2009
BEA (MPF) Greater China Equity Fund 東亞(強積金)大中華股票基金 28/09/2006
BEA (MPF) Growth Fund 東亞 (強積金) 增長基金 31/01/2000
BEA (MPF) Hong Kong Equity Fund 東亞(強積金)香港股票基金 21/05/2005
BEA (MPF) Japan Equity Fund 東亞(強積金)日本股票基金 28/09/2006
BEA (MPF) Long Term Guaranteed Fund 東亞 (強積金) 保證基金 10/05/2000
BEA (MPF) North American Equity Fund 東亞(強積金)北美股票基金 02/12/2011
BEA (MPF) RMB & HKD Money Market Fund 東亞 (強積金) 人民幣及港幣貨幣市場基金 30/04/2012
BEA (MPF) Stable Fund 東亞 (強積金) 平穩基金 31/01/2000
BEA China Tracker Fund 東亞中國追蹤指數基金 02/12/2011
BEA Hong Kong Tracker Fund 東亞香港追蹤指數基金 02/12/2011

* All Approved Constituent Funds are denominated in HKD.

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